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  • Tour Starting Date: 2015.05.17-2015.05.20
  • Client's information: Mia & Kim from US
  • Tour Itinerary: Tailor Made Xian Tour

Dear Victor,
Many thanks for your arrangement for this Xian Tour.
I have contacted many agencies but they can't give us such good price.

Don't miss the 3-D film in Han Yangling!! 

I was so surprised to learn Han Emperior had a re-married lady as his emperess. 

Chinese people were more open-minded 2000 years ago.

Very fantastic!

Kim and Mia

  • Tour Starting Date: 2015.05.22-2015.05.24
  • Client's information: Mr. & Mrs. Wong from Malaysia
  • Tour Itinerary: 72 Hours Beijing Visa-free Tour

Dear Tanya,
The Great Wall at Jinshanling and Simatai is my favorite. They are original parts without so much renovation! Temple of Heaven is great to see! Wonderful to see a 1000 year old cypress tree there. And many lively people as well. This is visa free tour in Beijing so make us feel very convenient, I'm planning a tour for Tibet and please help me to achieve my dream there!
Thanks in advance and all the best!


  • Tour Starting Date: 2015.05.20-2015.06.01
  • Client's information: Rick & Annabelle from UK
  • Tour Itinerary: Talior Made: Suzhou-Luoyang-Xian-Beijing Tour

Dear China Holidays,

OH yeaaaa, almost forgot to Write to you.
I bought some nice silk shirts in Suzhou Silk Store. Really nice and prices are very reasonable.
And the Grotto Buddhas are in the shape of Wei state emperors.
They were built spectacular and rather rather manly!
I have a friend in Xian, she recommended this city several times.It was really a nice tour for me and my husband.
We enjoyed a lot when we were in China, especially in the water town.
I like Huashan Mountain in Xian as well.It's so thrillingly steep, not for the heart of faint.
I would like to tell everyone: Don't miss it!


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