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Jianshui Old Town

../images/tuku/Jianshui Old Town
../images/tuku/Jianshui Old Town
../images/tuku/Jianshui Old Town

The ancient city wall of Jianshui was built 600 years ago in Ming Dynasty, is one of the national famous historic and cultural towns of China. Jianshui still retains the traditional style of the original town in the Ming Dynasty.The famous scenic spots include: Zhu Family Garden,Jianshui Confucius Temple, Double Dragon Bridge etc.

The Zhu family Garden is a representative of Chinese residential houses of the Qing Dynasty. The garden is built as a maze. The family garden integrates many features of Chinese traditional dwellings, such as delicacy of Anhui houses, magnificence of Shangxi duildings and elegance of Suzhou gardens. It is not only concrete, but also spiritual; not only historical, but also cultural. When you step into the mansion, it will awake both your memory and your poetic flavor. Its history has gone but the influence is still on.

The Jianshui Confucius Temple, It was built in the Yuan Dynasty and was the biggest Confucius Temple at that time. The ancient structures are worth visiting. Confucius the famous philosopher lived from 551-479BC. His teachings and philosophies have deeply influenced Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese culture and life throughout history. His temples spread widely during history but most were destroyed during the civil war and Cultural Revolution. All in all, this Confucius Temple is a display of the cultural mixture of the Han and the other ethnic groups of South Yunnan.