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A-Ma Temple

../images/tuku/A-Ma Temple
../images/tuku/A-Ma Temple
../images/tuku/A-Ma Temple
../images/tuku/A-Ma Temple
../images/tuku/A-Ma Temple
../images/tuku/A-Ma Temple

Built in 1488, with more than five hundred years history, A-Ma Temple is the oldest one among the three largest temples of Macau. It is situated on the southwest tip of the Macau Peninsula. Originally, it was called the Mazu temple, commonly known as the Tianhou temple. The whole temple was consisted of four buildings: stone hall, Hong Rendian, Guanyinge and the main hall.

Mazu has the meaning of mother in Fujian dialect. There is a legend said that Mazu is a gifted and warm-hearted woman named Lin Mo who has the magic and had rescued many people. The local residents built the temple to show their respect and gratitude.

The pilgrims gathered in this incense to worship and hold programs every New Year™s Eve and lunar March 23rd. Mazu now is not only the Tian Hou who worshiped by devotees, but also formed a kind of international cultural phenomenon---Mazu culture.

In October 28, 1998, the world™s highest Mazu statue is completed at the highest point in Macao. It was designed by the dean of the Chinese Art Academy Liang Wangping as a symbol of Macao return to the embrace of the motherland in December 20, 1999. The statue of Mazu statue is composed of 120 blocks of white marble stone and weighs more than 500 tons. She stands at the highest point of Macao, therefore, it is visible no matter from the surface of the sea or land.

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