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Ancient town of Shangri-la

../images/tuku/Ancient town of Shangri-la
../images/tuku/Ancient town of Shangri-la
../images/tuku/Ancient town of Shangri-la
../images/tuku/Ancient town of Shangri-la
../images/tuku/Ancient town of Shangri-la
../images/tuku/Ancient town of Shangri-la

Dukezong(Ancient town of Shangri-la), meaning town of the moon in Tibetan, was built 1,300 years ago and became an important landmark on the South Silk Road. It is now one of the most renowned resorts in Shangri-la, known for its well-preserved ancient Tibetan dwellings.

Dukezong Old Town has experienced both the flames of war and prosperity of frontier trade. Dukezong Ancient Town's authentic Tibetan dwellings, majestic prayer halls and pagodas, winding lanes offer sanctuary to all those seeking refuge from the bustle city.

The old Tibetan way of life, as well as dwellings, are well-preserved in Dukezong Old Town, as each redolent barley wine lane testifies. Tibetan chess is played in local households as it has been for the past 1,000 years, and horse bells still tinkle along the ancient caravan path. Bonfires that are lit in the town square every night illuminate local musicians as they sing to and play traditional stringed instruments.

(The Chinese government has planned to spend about 1.2 billion yuan (US$196 million) on the reconstruction and recovery of Dukezong Ancient Town which was partially burned down by the fire in January.More than 240 houses were damaged by the fire on 11 January 2014 in the town in Shangri-la, a resort county in Southwest China's Yunnan province, forcing 2,600 residents to evacuate.)