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Beijing Capital International Airport

../images/tuku/Beijing Capital International Airport
../images/tuku/Beijing Capital International Airport
../images/tuku/Beijing Capital International Airport
../images/tuku/Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is located in the northeast of Beijing, the capital of People's Republic of China, and 25.35km from the Tiananmen Square, the centre of Beijing city. It is not only an aviation gateway for Beijing and a window for international communication, but also a radial centre for China's civil aviation network. With grand facilities now in place, the airport provides important information on location details,large scale operations are constantly carried out and there is naturally busy transportation in and out of China.

Occupying an area of just 60,000 square meters, Terminal 1 of Capital Airport has the longest history, originating from January, 1980. While the larger T2 and T3 were put into use successively, T1 has been the operational base for Hainan Airlines' domestic flights. There is currently a convenient passage linking T1 and T2, which takes just 5 minutes on foot.

Covering an area of 336,000 square meters, T2 of Capital Airport was originally built in October, 1995 and started operating in November, 1999. Although it is the extension project for T1, T2 is much larger.  

T3 of the Airport started operating in 2008. It has a unique, modern design and is the second largest airport terminal in the world, after Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport. Some 26 national and international airlines operate from this terminal that measures 2900 metres long from north to south.