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Beijing Laoshe Teahouse

../images/tuku/Beijing Laoshe Teahouse
../images/tuku/Beijing Laoshe Teahouse
../images/tuku/Beijing Laoshe Teahouse
../images/tuku/Beijing Laoshe Teahouse
../images/tuku/Beijing Laoshe Teahouse
../images/tuku/Beijing Laoshe Teahouse

Laoshe Teahouse is named after the famous Chinese novelist and playwright, Lao She, and his masterpiece drama, "Teahouse". After years of development, it is now a wonderful entertainment house with short shows by comedians, singers, musicians, acrobats and opera performers.

The Performance Hall is on the west of the third floor. Performances here include traditional opera, cross talk, two-man comic shows and story-tellings in Beijing dialect with drum accompaniment... Imagine enjoying a kaleidoscopic view of Beijing culture while sipping tea with several tasteful Beijing snacks! Performances change nightly but always include opera and acrobatics. It is worth buying the more expensive tickets, as views from the rear seats are frequently obscured.

Dinner before the show is provided separately in another section of the building and the price of the food is reasonable. An adjacent room displays paintings, art objects like paper cuttings, figurines, antiques, kites and jade carvings.

Visitors from various places who go to the teahouse include the likes of former President George Bush of the United States, former United States Secretary of State Dr. Kissinger and Singapore Senior Minister Li Kuan Yew among others.

"Remembering Past Times" is the philosophy of the teahouse and "Reappearance of Traditional Folk Craft" is the style, so it’s an ideal place in Beijing for westerners to come and learn about Chinese culture today.