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Changbaishan Wanda Resort Area

../images/tuku/Changbaishan Wanda Resort Area
../images/tuku/Changbaishan Wanda Resort Area
../images/tuku/Changbaishan Wanda Resort Area
../images/tuku/Changbaishan Wanda Resort Area
../images/tuku/Changbaishan Wanda Resort Area
../images/tuku/Changbaishan Wanda Resort Area

Located in southeast Jilin, Changbai Mountain, the highest mountain in Northeast China, is famous due to its fascinating scenery. His forceful, spectacular, mystery, original, it is far from what we describe as. He stays in people heart with the unexpected emotional logic and never forgets.

Changbaishan Wanda Resort Area provide comprehensive services, professional skiing facilities, food, resorts, private clubs and other supporting services, such as hot spring, SPA, cigar tasting etc, to meet the demand of diversified holidaymakers.

There are 8 international brand hotels in Changbaishan Wanda resort. Ibis, Holiday Inn, Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt, Wanda Westin resort hotel, Wanda Sheraton hotel, Wanda holiday resort hotel and holiday suites hotel. All the hotel located Wanda Resort Area, adjacent to the ski resort, suitable for vacation throughout the year. All guest rooms and public areas have high-speed Internet access to keep smooth communication at any time.

Changbaishan Grand theatre has the international first-class hardware facilities, lift, push and pull, revolving stage, 660 multi-function luxurious seats; Grand programming, wonderful stage, experience a full range of performance from a visual, auditory and sensory.

Wanda Resort Areaspa center is outdoor hot spring and with unique snow amorous feelings. Changbai shan hot springs, known as " Miraculous Water, and has high medical value, the water contains a variety of trace elements, iodine, strontium, lithium, zinc etc.

Wanda Resort Area shopping includes clothing, food and beverage, life quality, special local product shops, Banks, postal service, communication and other comprehensive business, It is the core economies in the resort, it is also the place that enjoy sports and leisure in the Resort Area.

Wanda Resort Area ski resort covers an area of 7 square kilometers, snow is 1.5-2 meters, The resort has a yearly snow fall period of 150 days between November and April. As changbaishan natural advantages, pot shaped terrain, changeful trail increase the fun. Now, there are 43 ski tracks.

Some runs erect the lights in the snow field, skiing at night, fully meet the needs of different skiers.