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Changbaishan Waterfall

../images/tuku/Changbaishan Waterfall
../images/tuku/Changbaishan Waterfall
../images/tuku/Changbaishan Waterfall
../images/tuku/Changbaishan Waterfall
../images/tuku/Changbaishan Waterfall
../images/tuku/Changbaishan Waterfall

Changbaishan Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of China. There are sixteen peaks surround the Lake of Heaven, and on the north side there has a recess, which is called Ta Men in Chinese, literally means a small door. Water of the Lake of Heaven pours down from Ta Men and become a spectacular waterfall.

The Changbaishan Waterfall is called River from the Heaven by local people, which has a height of 68 meters. Looking from the distance, the waterfall is just like a piece of brocade hanging among the mountain peaks. When approaching, the roar of the waterfall sounds like thunder or running horses. 

In sunny days, it reflects colorful sunshine and sprays droplet. In winter days, water under the fall forms iceberg that looks like crystal and the waterfall constantly flying down and spread frost flowers. 

Best Season
July and August are the best months to travel to Changbaishan and see the Changbaishan Waterfalls. However, in most days except June to September we can see the winter scenery.