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Chaoyang Tower

../images/tuku/Chaoyang Tower
../images/tuku/Chaoyang Tower
../images/tuku/Chaoyang Tower

Chaoyang Tower Nicknames as Lesser Tian™an Men Tower and towering Southern Yunnan for centuries. It was built in the Hongwu era of the ming Dynasty. The huge three-story structure occupies an area of 414 square meters and has a height of 24.5 meters. It is composed of 48 big wooden pillars and numerous cross-beams, covered with triple roofs. The tower rises three stories high, overlooking the thousands of households of the county, just like the famous Huanghe (yellow Crane) tower in Wuhan and Yueyang Tower in Hunan. In the old days it was cited as "a grand view in southern Yunnan". The Chaoyang Gateway Arch is the only extant tower through 600 year's disasters. Today, the Chaoyang Gateway Arch is a public cultural center of Jianshui County.


In the 22nd year of the Hongwu reign (A.D.1389), the Chaoyang Tower was built. The tower has the gable and hip roof with three eaves. It's 24.45 meters high, 26.8 meters wide and 12.31 meters deep. According to the record in the book named The Record of Jianshui Prefecture, the east gate tower is 100 Chi high. It towers up to the sky. People overlook the town from it. Masses of houses distribute in the town. The landscape is very beautiful. The sun rises from the east.


There is an extant large bell in the tower. It's 2 meters high. It weights three to four tons. People can hear the bell in the distance.