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The City Dabancheng is more than 80km away southeast from Urumqi known as an entrepot on inter-oasis travel with 312 State Road and Lan-xin Railway crossing through.

Dabancheng is a fame town from a well known folk song The Girl from Dabancheng has a beautiful melodies and witty lyrics. The reputation of the beauty of local girls is partly due to the mixing among the different populations that traveled through it.

Except the folk song tourists in Dabancheng also can visit a lots of beautiful scenery like Xinjiang Tianshan Safari which is the largest safari in China, Xinjiang Salt Lake scenic area where you can float on water even you couldn't swim.

There are some local snacks like Pond smelt (Hypomesus olidus) full of nutritious and taste delicious from Chaiwobao Lake and Chaiwbao Spicy Chicken which is sweet-smelting.