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Dai Temple

../images/tuku/Dai Temple
../images/tuku/Dai Temple
../images/tuku/Dai Temple
../images/tuku/Dai Temple
../images/tuku/Dai Temple
../images/tuku/Dai Temple

Situated to the north of Taian City, the Dai Temple is a Taoist temple as well as the largest and best-preserved architectural complex on Mt. Taishan. Also called the East Dai Temple, it is one of the four most famous ancient architectural complexes including the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Temple of Confucius, the Kong Family Mansion and the cemetery of Confucius in Qufu, and the Mountain Resort in Chengde.

It was firstly built during Han Dynasty and greatly expanded during Tang, Song Dynasties. It is a Taoist temple where emperors during the past dynasties offered sacrifice to the God of Earth to pray and say thanks for peace and prosperity. Dai Temple is in the palace style of ancient Chinese emperors, to compose over 150 ancient buildings in many kinds.

The Dai Temple is also famed as the forest of stone tablets. It houses many stone inscriptions of different periods in history and some Han Dynasty stone sculptures. The most celebrated is Li Si's inscriptions on the stone. Li was the Prime Minister in the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC). Meanwhile, there are also some cultural relics, offerings and the sacrificial utensils bestowed by the emperors in the temple.

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