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Daxu old town

../images/tuku/Daxu old town
../images/tuku/Daxu old town
../images/tuku/Daxu old town
../images/tuku/Daxu old town
../images/tuku/Daxu old town

Daxu old town is in the south east of Guilin city and is 30km away from Lingchuan town centre. Although it is located in the east bank of Li River’s middle stream, Daxu has been a commercial centre since the Song Dynasty more than 1000 years ago. The town thrives on its accessibility, with roads and waterways providing convenience for public transport. Travelling upstream, one can visit Hunan Province and downstream, one can go to Guangdong Province. For centuries, the town was a hotspot for business people who built shops in their dozens together with their houses. Daxu is also famous for its incredibly juicy orange which must be tried if given the opportunity to do so.  

The main tourist attractions:

-Stone slab road

The stone slab road measures a total of 2.5 kilometres long, 2 metres wide and was made of 15,000 stone slabs. It was built in the beginning of the 20th century and has always been kept in pristine condition. There were originally eight main streets (Laoxu, Diling, Longan, Xinglong, Tangfang, Gulou, Fuxing and Siying) with houses built along each street. Some of the street names were later changed.

-Longevity Bridge

Wanshou Qiao, or Longevity Bridge was first built during the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in Qing Dynasty in 1899. It is a one-arch stone bridge located at the joining of Li River and Horse River. It is the landmark bridge in Daxu and has made appearances in several high profile films, including Liu Sanjie.

-Daxu Piers

There are a total of 13 piers in Daxu Old Town (5 piers more than that in Guilin). The piers stretch into the river and are mainly made of local stones. The piers are normally 10 metres long and 3 metres wide. In comparison to the piers along Yangtze River they are indeed smaller but nevertheless beautifully designed and undoubtedly elegant.