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Double Dragon Bridge

../images/tuku/Double Dragon Bridge
../images/tuku/Double Dragon Bridge
../images/tuku/Double Dragon Bridge
../images/tuku/Double Dragon Bridge
../images/tuku/Double Dragon Bridge
../images/tuku/Double Dragon Bridge

The Double-Dragon Bridge, also called the Seventeen-Archway Bridge, is a large stone bridge with three towers and 17 archways. It was built on the joint point of the two branches of the Nanpan River, named the Lujiang River and Tachong River. Since the two rivers look like two dragons, the bridge was named the Double-Dragon Bridge. Beside the bridge, there are two elephant statues, which imply the meaning of gentleness, peace, good luck and prosperity. 

It is one of the famous historic sites in yunnan province, is considered to be the largest scale and highest artistic value in Yunnan province. There are three cornices attic type among the bridge, It is extremely precious masterpiece in the history of China to build a bridge. It is slightly smaller on both ends of the attic, but it is a large and magnificent in the middle of the bridge, known as the "Grand View Pavilion of Yunnan". 

It is the three-Arch Bridge in the Hu river in the Qing dynasty. Because of Hu river flooding, and river bed widened gradually, can't across both sides of the shore, later, built a fourteen-Arch Bridge, New bridge connected to the original three-Arch Bridge, so called the Seventeen-Archway Bridge. 

From a distance, it is majestic, like two dragons lying on the surface of the water. The towering attic Surrounded by vast fields, it seems a big ship came from the quite water. Now we come to the arch bridge, can see the chic of the bridge chic to bridge, exquisite workmanship, layout appropriately.

It is the largest scale and highest artistic value among the ancient bridges in Yunnan, it inherited the characteristics of bridge construction style in China, it is excellent work of ancient Bridges, also has important history position in China's ancient.