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Dragon Pavilion Park

../images/tuku/Dragon Pavilion Park
../images/tuku/Dragon Pavilion Park
../images/tuku/Dragon Pavilion Park
../images/tuku/Dragon Pavilion Park
../images/tuku/Dragon Pavilion Park
../images/tuku/Dragon Pavilion Park

The Dragon Pavilion Park, Longting or Wanshou pavilion is located in Kaifeng in the eastern part of Henan province.

The architectural highlights of Dragon Pavilion Park include Wu ("Noon") Gate, Yudai ("Jade Belt") Bridge, the Chao ("Wise, Benevolent Spirit") Houses on either side of Imperial Road, Dragon Pavilion, Chaomen Gate, the ruins of the Northern Song Dynasty Imperial Palace, Monument Pavilion, North Gate, and East Gate. Dragon Pavilion is an immense hall built atop an imposing, 13-meter high, flood-proof stone structure that has a moderately-sloped, 72-step stone staircase leading up to the entrance. In the center of the hall stands a large dragon carving. The hall's ceiling is decorated with yellow glazed tiles, reinforcing the link to China's imperial past, as yellow was the favorite color of emperors. On either side of Dragon Pavilion are placed eight Chao Rooms, which, together with the palatial courtyard, form an impressive whole. The pavilion also houses a Waxwork Hall that exhibits vivid waxwork likenesses of prominent personages.

Dragon Pavilion is a typical representative of the cultural and historical heritages of Kaifeng City. It is the main part of the constructions in Dragon Pavilion Park. The Dragon Pavilion remains standing within the Longting park. The Pavilion is a grand hall built on a 13-meter (43-foot) blue brick terrace. Some 72 steps lead up to the entrance. The pavilion building is a wooden structure.

This hall, a wooden structure built facing south, is 26.7 meters (88 feet) in height, covering 19.10 meters (63 feet) from east to west and 11.90 meters (39 feet) from south to north. It holds many rare cultural relics, and dragons playing with pearls are carved on the ceilings and walls. Dragon Pavilion is also a favorable place to overlook all the sceneries of Kaifeng City. In a word, travelers can have a visual feast here.

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