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Echoing Sand Dune

../images/tuku/Echoing Sand Dune
../images/tuku/Echoing Sand Dune
../images/tuku/Echoing Sand Dune
../images/tuku/Echoing Sand Dune
../images/tuku/Echoing Sand Dune
../images/tuku/Echoing Sand Dune

West of the Mogao Caves and south of Dunhuang is Echoing Sand Dune (Echoing Sand Mountain) though it's not really a mountain, but a giant sand dune. Climbing to the top of the dune offers a majestic view of the surrounding desert, mountain and oasis. It’s famous for the echoing sounds the wind makes when blowing over the dunes. The dunes are quite large, some reaching 100 metres or more, but are relatively stable and keep their shape despite the fact that the dunes around the Echoing Sand Mountain shift frequently.

If you're looking for some excitement after the solemn caves, this is the place to be. The Buddhist pilgrims of old never had it this good. Sand-surfing, camel rides and therapeutic sand baths (imagine being buried up to your neck) are available activities.

Next to the Echoing Sand Mountain is the Crescent Moon Spring.