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Erhai Lake

../images/tuku/Erhai Lake
../images/tuku/Erhai Lake
../images/tuku/Erhai Lake
../images/tuku/Erhai Lake
../images/tuku/Erhai Lake
../images/tuku/Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake is an alpine fault lake in Dali, Yunnan Province. Erhai literally means an ear-shaped sea, as the shape of lake looks like an ear (Chinese), people named it Er (Chinese).

Erhai Lake is called the immaculate jade among mountains, and is regard as the cradle of Dali politics, economy and culture. The main functions of Erhai Lake are water supplying, agricultural irrigation, electricity generation, climate regulation, fishery, shipping, and travelling.

Famous Tourism Attractions of Erhai Lake

Natural scenery and resources---There are three islands, four islets, five lakes, nine bends and several bays in Erhai Lake, which form a splendid scenic area. Besides the attractive landscape, the lake contains abundant aquatic resources and is also a natural habitat of various waterfowl.

Erhai Moon---The most famous scenery of Erhai Lake is the Erhai Moon, which indicates that on the 15th of very month of lunar calendar, Erhai Lake reflects the full moon. Surrounding by mountains and lakes, the moon on the sky seems to be bigger and brighter, while the moon reflected in the lake looks like a silver plate forming a delightful contrast with the moon in the sky. The fantastic scenery of Erhai Moon is one of the four best attractions of Dali.

Erhai Park---To the south of Erhai Lake there is an Erhai Park built on Tuanshan Mountain. The park was established in 1975. There is a nursery garden planted with various flowers such as camellia, azalea, Snow Lotus Herb, and most of Dali's precious plants are collected in the Erhai Park etc.