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Flaming Mountain

../images/tuku/Flaming Mountain
../images/tuku/Flaming Mountain
../images/tuku/Flaming Mountain
../images/tuku/Flaming Mountain
../images/tuku/Flaming Mountain
../images/tuku/Flaming Mountain

Located in the north of Turpan Basin, namely the north road of the Silk Road, the Flaming Mountain is one of most famous scenic spot in Turpan, Xinjiang. In the language of Uyghur, the Flaming Mountain means the Kizil Tag or Red Mountain, while people in ancient Tang Dynasty gave it the name of Flaming Mountain because its ground surface temperature was always very hot.

No plants could ever grow on this hot mountain, there is even no birds flying up above it. In summer, when the sun shines high up in the sky, the waves of desert heat and mirages dance on the red ridge that is furrowed by parallel gullies. So it does look like a wall of flames especially in the afternoons in a red sky. No wonder people all think of the Flaming Mountain as the hottest place in China, the highest temperature can reach 47.8℃ and the ground surface temperature can be higher than 70 ℃, you can almost have eggs baked there.

Through the well-known story about this mountain in the novel Journey to the West, the mountain has enjoyed great popularity and become an ideal place for tour. Scientific explanation cites tectonic plate movement on the earth's surface during the formation of the Himalayas 50,000,000 years ago. The mountain is barren and extremely hot in summer. During the trek approaching it, visitors will find the soles of their shoes soften in the intense heat. With the red sun overhead, the red mountain looks like a fiery dragon-truly an unforgettable spectacle!