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Flowers and Birds Market

../images/tuku/Flowers and Birds Market
../images/tuku/Flowers and Birds Market
../images/tuku/Flowers and Birds Market
../images/tuku/Flowers and Birds Market
../images/tuku/Flowers and Birds Market
../images/tuku/Flowers and Birds Market

Famous for its year-round mild climate, Kunming is often called Spring City. The famous Flowers and Birds Market in Yongdao Street is the city's biggest, most attractive shopping market where spring reigns all year.

Since 1983 the Flowers and Birds Market has gradually been built into a comprehensive public spot for leisure, shopping, and trading. Strolling on the market street, you can see shops and stalls of all sorts, especially those featuring flowers, birds, and fish.

The Flowers and Birds Market is also a popular trading place for antiques. Curios, coins, jade articles, jewelry, ink stones, porcelains, potteries, stone carvings, and marble products are among the arts and crafts to be found there. It is a treasure trove for souvenirs. Do not miss the shops that sell colorful ethnic costumes with headdresses. Most are handcrafted and very popular with tourists. Prices are reasonable, and you may even bargain with shopkeepers.

Beautiful well-preserved old buildings within the market are now home to many Western restaurants and shops. During your visit, stop here for a leisurely cup of tea. The Bird and Flower Market is situated in an attractive district that is perfect for a relaxing stroll. This huge market is well worth a visit.