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Furong Town

../images/tuku/Furong Town
../images/tuku/Furong Town
../images/tuku/Furong Town
../images/tuku/Furong Town
../images/tuku/Furong Town
../images/tuku/Furong Town

Furong Town, also called Wangcun, Furongzhen, or Hibiscus Town, is located 51km south of Yongshun County Xiangxi Tujia Miao Autonomous Hunan Province.

It was the location for Xie Jin's famous film Furongzhen in 1986. The film, adapted from the novel by Gu Hua, portrayed how the political turbulence of the 50s and 60s unsettled the lives of ordinary villagers and is probably Xie Jin's best film. It turned the town into a tourist destination.

Today, the village has little character and most of the buildings are so dilapidated that it seems the whole town could well slide into the river and only remains propped up by the tourist trade. It is an important cultural relics reserve of Hunan Province.

The old town has a long history with 2000 years. The natural scenery and ancient ethnic customs there attracts many tourists. The Copper”pillar in Xi Zhou is see as a relic by Tujia that a symbol of reconciliation of Chu Ma Xifan and Peng Shichou. On the street you can taste a lot of cuisines like Liu Xiaoqing rice toufu, boiled fish and screw meat, all of the food are hot spicy flavour.