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Geyuan Garden

../images/tuku/Geyuan Garden
../images/tuku/Geyuan Garden
../images/tuku/Geyuan Garden
../images/tuku/Geyuan Garden
../images/tuku/Geyuan Garden
../images/tuku/Geyuan Garden

Located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, southeast China, Geyuan Garden is used to be a typical private residential garden. Peculiarly shaped rockeries make the garden an isolated case of Chinese garden and the most famous attractions in Yangzhou. In 1988, it was awarded the third batch of national key cultural relics protections units by the State Council. Now it has become a national AAAA level scenic spot.

In the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years, a salt merchant Huang Zhiyun bought a house and renovated it into a private residential garden, which later becomes the oldest and most well preserved Chinese garden. Huang Zhiyun had a great interest of bamboo, so the name, pattern and structure of the garden are closely related to the bamboo. For each three leaves at the top of the bamboo can form the Chinese word Ge and its shadow on the white wall is also a Ge word, hence the garden got its name Geyuan Garden.

Geyuan Garden, a classic Chinese rock and water composition, is filled with curiously styled pavilions ideal for a midday picnic. Its landscaped rocks are meant to suggest the four seasons and can be sensed with a sprinkling of imagination. From here it™s a short walk to the Yangzhou City Museum, which has incorporated a series of assorted old pavilions into its charming grounds.

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