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Grape Valley

../images/tuku/Grape Valley
../images/tuku/Grape Valley
../images/tuku/Grape Valley
../images/tuku/Grape Valley

To escape the noon sun's tirade, stops at the Grape Valley for lunch is a good choice. Though it's a bit of a tourist trap, the beautifully trellised valley provides a needed respite from the heat. Dug into the Gobi desert with the Flaming Mountains on either side, the valley is a lush stripe of green in the barren desert surroundings. At the valley's core is a flume of fast moving icy cold water traveling from the Tian Shan to Turpan City. The food in the valley is good and it's also a good chance to shop for souvenirs and dried fruits. For those with excessive energy, you can climb the Flaming Mountains for great views of the valley, the Tian Shan and the Gobi desert.