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Haihe Bund Park

../images/tuku/Haihe Bund Park
../images/tuku/Haihe Bund Park
../images/tuku/Haihe Bund Park
../images/tuku/Haihe Bund Park
../images/tuku/Haihe Bund Park
../images/tuku/Haihe Bund Park

Over 600 years old, Tianjin, the largest port city in north China lies on the coast of the Bohai Sea. The city continues a legacy that's both ancient and modern, Chinese and Western. Most of all, the city is known among Chinese cities for its colonial buildings in the former concession areas that still retain a European air of elegance.


There are over a 1,000 concession era buildings in Tianjin, the construction of which began in 1858 when the Qing court was forced to sign the Treaty of Tianjin allowing for the establishment of concessions in the city. Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Italy and Austria divided parts of Tianjin. Each nation created their own self-sustaining walled enclaves, where their citizens could forget they were far from their native soil.

Antique markets and scrumptious snacks make Tianjin a nice getaway destination. Spend a few days exploring the city's narrow alleys, browsing its antique markets and sampling its famous snacks. Aside from these attractions, Haihe Bund Park is also worth visiting.


About 1 kilometre long, Haihe Bund Park is an important city landscape constructed in Binhai New Area. The cultural entertainment district, commercial area, green landscape area and the high platform of sightseeing area lay around the park. It is characterized by the largest geyser that has been found to squirt water up to 170 metres high.

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