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Highlights along Yangtze River

../images/tuku/Highlights along Yangtze River
../images/tuku/Highlights along Yangtze River
../images/tuku/Highlights along Yangtze River
../images/tuku/Highlights along Yangtze River
../images/tuku/Highlights along Yangtze River
../images/tuku/Highlights along Yangtze River

Chongqing: located in the southern part of the Sichuan Basin, where the Yangtze and Jialing rivers meet, is the largest industrial and commercial city in southwest China and the economic center of the upper reach of the Yangtze. It is a metropolis under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government. Called Yu for short, Chongqing was established some 3,000 years ago. It is also known as a city of mountains, rivers, and fog.

Fengdu: Snow Jade Cave, located 10 kilometers away from Fengdu is a wonderland of karst caves in clusters. It boasts many spectacular karst formations which have gained international recognition, most of them are snowy white, like pure jade.

Shibaozhai: is a gem of Chinese architecture. A red wood pavilion 12-story high was built against a protruding 220-meter rectangular rock with sheer cliffs on the north bank. People can climb up to the top by a spiral staircase in the pavilion.

White King Town: stands on the north bank, just above the western entrance to Qutang Gorge. Liu Bei, the king of Shu during Three Kingdom period (AD220-65), died of despair after he was defeated by the armies of Wu. On his deathbed, Liu Bei entrusted his sons to the case of his prime minster, Zhuge Liang, entreating him to educate them in wisdom and to choose the most talented one to succeed him as king. This legend makes White King Town famous.

Shennong Stream: starts at Mt. Shengnong Jia in Hubei Province north of the Yangtze. It comprises of Parrot Gorge and Dragon Boat Gorge. Sailing through the treacherous gorges with lush pine and translucent water and explore Bamboo Gorge, the virgin tributary of Shennong, visitors can see spectacular sights like cave coffins, aqueous caves, rare animals like mandarin ducks. It is also perfect to experience the culture of Tujia nationality.

Yichang: lies at the eastern exit of Xiling Gorge in west Hubei, a communication gullet of Sichuan and Hubei, it is known as the Gateway of the Three Gorges. The first ever Gezhouba Water conservancy Project of Yangtze River was completed in Yichang and the world renowned Three Gorges Dam Project is under construction 30km upstream.