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Hongshan Park

../images/tuku/Hongshan Park
../images/tuku/Hongshan Park
../images/tuku/Hongshan Park
../images/tuku/Hongshan Park
../images/tuku/Hongshan Park
../images/tuku/Hongshan Park

Hongshan Park, or Red Hill Park, is a pleasant spot to get your bearings upon arriving in Urumqi. Hongshan Park is famous for the unique of the hill Hongshan named withit made up of glutenite, has a reddish brown color.  

According to local legend, a dragon escaped from Tianchi (Heavenly Lake), only to be caught by the Queen Mother of the Western Heavens, who then cut the dragon in two. The severed halves of the dragon became two Urumqi peaks, Hongshan and Yamakelishan.

There is a pagoda named Zhenlong means "to subdue the dragon" built in 1788 to subdue the flooding (blamed on the dragon) still stands today on Hongshan, a symbol of the city that appears along with Hong Shan as the logo of a local television station.

Modern entertainment facilities and ethnic performances bring a fresh and lively atmosphere to the park. On the peak of the hill, you will see splendid scenery of the whole city of Urumqi.