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Hot Spring Leisure City

../images/tuku/Hot Spring Leisure City
../images/tuku/Hot Spring Leisure City
../images/tuku/Hot Spring Leisure City
../images/tuku/Hot Spring Leisure City
../images/tuku/Hot Spring Leisure City
../images/tuku/Hot Spring Leisure City

Located 20 kilometers to the north of Beijing, Hongfu Hot Spring Leisure City enjoys a favourable geographical position and convenient location for transport purposes. The north of the Leisure City leans upon the source of the Mother River of Beijing, Wenyu (Warm elm) River, and two miles to the south are the two largest communities in Beijing-Huilongguan and Tiantongyuan Residential Estates. The beautiful scenery was naturally formed from the mountains and water of the region and the water system extends in all directions for 7km around the grand community that spans ten thousand mu. As the former site of Pingxi Prince’s Palace during the Yongzheng Period in the Qing Dynasty (1723-1735), Hongfu Hot Spring Leisure City contains profound historical and cultural contents, as well as being rich in geological resources. At present, five hot spring wells with depths of over 3000 meters and a temperature of 79 degrees have been developed, the daily water yield of these wells has exceeded 10,000 m³, and the water is abundant in a variety of minerals.

Hongfu Hot Spring Leisure City Project was designed by Australia SDG Design Group with investment and construction provided by the Hongfu Group. With advanced concepts, masterly design and fully-fledged functions, it is an ecological community with integrated sightseeing, business meetings and large-scale entertainment services. Major projects in Phase A included the Water Space, the Hot Spring Healthy Clubhouse, a Four-star International Hotel, the Palace Yard (Presidential suites), an outdoor hot spring, Quadrangles, Commercial Street, Abalone Island Business Zone, Sports Center and a Golf Driving Range. Phase B was the construction of Wenyu River Eco-tourism Leisure Area which is a green ecological tourist area covering nearly ten thousands mu and is based on the Wenyu River, an eco-tourism project whose theme and highlight is water. It includes: Water City's International Hotel, HongFu Mansion, The Red Mansion, Lake-bay Hotel, Water Space Hot Spring Healthy Clubhouse, Water Auditorium, Outdoor Hot Spring Area, Palace Yard (Pingxi Prince’s Palace), Commercial Street and Wenyu River ecological corridor and other facilities.

Address: Zhenggezhuang Village, Qijia Town, North Changping District, Beijing

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