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Huajing Park

../images/tuku/Huajing Park
../images/tuku/Huajing Park
../images/tuku/Huajing Park
../images/tuku/Huajing Park
../images/tuku/Huajing Park
../images/tuku/Huajing Park

Huajing (Flower Path) park is said to be where the distinguished Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi (772-846) o­nce recited poems to eulogize the beautiful peach blossoms. Here, flowers, grass, and trees form a backdrop for a stone tablet in a pavilion inscribed with the characters "Hua Jing," believed to be in the calligraphy of Bai Juyi.

The eternal poetic masterpiece of Tang Dynasty famous poet Bai Juyi "the fragrance in the human world has withered in Aprils, while flowers in the mountain are in full bloom" describes the scenery here. All kinds of rare flowers are displayed to tourists, the scenery here is breathtaking.

The Flower Path (Huajing) is popular for its beauty. Various other highlights of the location include Immortal™s Cavern (Xianrendong) which is 10 sq m cave where the legend says an immortal have actually lived and where an everlasting spring drips year round. A stone statuary carved into the side of the cave is a perennial destination.

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