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Jiangxi Museum

../images/tuku/Jiangxi Museum
../images/tuku/Jiangxi Museum
../images/tuku/Jiangxi Museum
../images/tuku/Jiangxi Museum
../images/tuku/Jiangxi Museum
../images/tuku/Jiangxi Museum

The Jiangxi Provincial Museum situates on a new sand bar that is rounded by the Gan River and Fu River, it lies east to Fu River, south to Zhongshan Bridge, west to Gan River and north to Tengwang Pavilion, which is the one of the three famous buildings to the south of the Yangze River. The museum preparatory department was founded in March of 1953, the museum display building began to construct to the south of the August First Square in July of 1957.

The new museum covers 399.996 are,its constructing area is 35 thousand square meters and the exhibition hall area is 13 thousand square meters. This big comprehensive museum consists of three parts: historic museum, revolutionary museum and natural museum. After 50 years hard trying, the Museum has become a large comprehensive museum in the world.

The principal part of the building is referred to modeling of white glazed porcelain with three tubes of Ming Dynasty made in Jingdezhen, the ancient ceramics art and modern construction style is skillfully melt in the building and the three parts as historical museum, revolutionary museum and natural museum are united as one whole, which looks solemn, elegant and unique.

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