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Kaili Village

../images/tuku/Kaili Village
../images/tuku/Kaili Village
../images/tuku/Kaili Village
../images/tuku/Kaili Village
../images/tuku/Kaili Village
../images/tuku/Kaili Village

The city of Kaili, lying in the southeastern area of Guizhou Province, is a living quarter of the Miao ethnic minority. So it is a nice place to learn about the culture and life of the Miao people. However, as a tourist destination, this city also boasts its natural landscapes, karst landform and the ancient architecture.


Located in the southeastern area of Kaili, the Langde Miao Ethnic Minority Village is a place for visitors to savor the unique Miao ethnic culture. Here visitors will receive a special welcoming ceremony from the hospitable Miao people. During the ceremony, a series of ethnic customs such as Miao dancing and folk musical instruments performance will be presented whilst visitors are usually invited to dance and drink with the local people.

Natural landscapes around here also deserve your traveling. You can appreciate the local waterscape and mountains. Leigongshan Nature Reserve in Leishan County, southeast to Kaili admire the highest peak of southeastern Guizhou Province with the nature reserve is rich in species of animals and plants. At the Wuyang River Scenic Area you will travel in the river by boat and admiring the riverside scenery is really fantastic.Since the karst landform here is another typical feature.


Do not forget to pay a visit to the local Sunday Market. Opening on Sundays, it is a perfect place for visitors to browse the local ethnic people's living goods including special foods, herbal remedies and all sorts of decorations.