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Lake of Heaven

../images/tuku/Lake of Heaven
../images/tuku/Lake of Heaven
../images/tuku/Lake of Heaven
../images/tuku/Lake of Heaven
../images/tuku/Lake of Heaven
../images/tuku/Lake of Heaven

Changbaishan Lake of Heaven is called Tianchi in Chinese, which is the deepest lake of China, locating on Mount Changbaishan in Jilin Province. Also, it is the boundary lake between China and DPRK. Mount Changbaishan is one of the top ten famous mountains of China, and is called the greatest mountain of Northeast China.

As per recorded, Changbaishan was a volcano and erupted for several times during the Qing Dynasty. Gradually, the crater collected water and formed a lake. The lake is about 10 square km with an altitude of 2150 meters. Sixteen mountain peaks surround the Lake of Heaven like sentries guarding the watery gates of heaven.

Changbaishan Lake of Heaven is the largest caldera lake of China, and won the Guinness Book of Records as the world highest volcanic lake. Also, Lake of Heaven is famous for its spectacular scenery, splendid landscape and abundant natural resources.

Best Season
The autumn of Changbaishan is the most beautiful season. There are fascinating scenery of mountain tundra and various flowers during August, which is the best mouth for travelling to the Lake of Heaven.