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Lingshan Island

../images/tuku/Lingshan Island
../images/tuku/Lingshan Island
../images/tuku/Lingshan Island

SIX islands in Qingdao, namely Lingshan, Zhucha, Zhaitang, Tianheng, Daguan and Xiaoguan islands, will be developed and become holiday resort areas in the city.

There are 69 islands around Qingdao, such as Tianheng, Xiaoguan, Sanping, Nudao, Longkou and Changmenyan. The total land area of the islands is about 21.21 square kilometres, but only 10 islands have residents. At present, only several islands, such as Tianheng, Daguan, Xiaoguan and Zhucha, are able to develop and the city government plans to introduce more investors to build them into scenery and holiday resort areas.

In the next five years, Qingdao has made it priority to promote Stone Man National Tourism Zone, Fenghuang, Langyatai and Tianheng Island as tourism areas. Lingshan Bay and Hot Spring Aoshan Tourism Area are now under planning. Five to 10 holiday tourism resorts, 15 to 20 holiday resort hotels and 2 to 3 yacht clubs will also be built within the next five years.