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Little Fish Hill

../images/tuku/Little Fish Hill
../images/tuku/Little Fish Hill
../images/tuku/Little Fish Hill
../images/tuku/Little Fish Hill
../images/tuku/Little Fish Hill
../images/tuku/Little Fish Hill

The Xiaoyu Shan (Little Fish Hill) is located at the junction of Yushan Road and Fushan Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, covering an area of 2.5 hectares. The Xiaoyushun Park is located on the top of the hill. Styled like a classical Chinese garden, the park is characterized with distinctive pavilions, corridors and an abundance of flowers and trees. The main theme of the buildings in the park is the sea, including many drawings of fish and wholly integrating nature and culture.

Found on the picturesque Huiquan Bay, the Little Fish Hill Park is named after the Little Fish Hill, which was built in a Chinese classical style. Thanks to the great effort and imagination of its designers and architects, the park is laid out on the basis of the local natural landscape and geological advantage. Although the hill is no more than 60 metres (197 feet) high, visitors can still have an excellent view of the whole Qingdao City.

The two most-attracted sites of the park are Bibo (Blue Wave) Pavilion and Lanchao (Watching Tide) Pavilion. Standing in Bibo Pavilion, a hexagonal pavilion, you will have a general view of Huiquan Bay with rippling blue waves. Bibo Pavilion bears an inscription of Wu Zuoren, a famous Chinese calligrapher. To its east lies the main building of the park, Lanchao (Watching Tide) Pavilion,the 18-metre high three-story building with 8 corners. This pavilion commands a panoramic view of the city and the seashore, where tourists can appreciate the picturesque scenery of blue sea, white clouds, green trees and gold sand. Yongcui Pavilion lies to the east of Lanchao Pavilion, also a good place to appreciate the blue sea and green hills. Along the zigzag corridor which connects the Lanchao and Yongcui Pavilions, tourists can delight themselves by watching the large - sized frescoes painted on the walls, telling the story of ancient Chinese tales and the tales of Liaozhai.

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