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Luoyang International Peony Garden

../images/tuku/Luoyang International Peony Garden
../images/tuku/Luoyang International Peony Garden
../images/tuku/Luoyang International Peony Garden

Located on West of Wangchengdadaokou, Jichang Road, Luoyang City. Covers an area of 30 hectares, containing 300 varieties of domestic peonies, over 300 varieties of Chinese herbaceous peonies and over 100 varieties of foreign peonies, which is also the largest foreign peony exhibition area. Luoyang International Peony Garden boasts the most abundant Chinese herbaceous peonies of high quality. The natural flowering phase is usually from early April to mid-May and the full-bloom period is from April 1st to May 10th.

Luoyang is renowned as the city of peony. The city has long been famous for its beautiful peony flowers. Peony has been called the King of Flowers for its gorgeous charm and unbelievably beauty. The Flower has been a symbol of grace in China. Ancient Chinese poets once compared peony with the beautiful and elegant ladies and thought the two were equally pleasant to the eye.

Luoyang peony is well-known for its big flowers and many varieties. Each year, in late spring when the peonies are in full blossom, thousands of visitors swarm to the city to enjoy the stunningly beautiful flowers. The international Peony Festival held here annually adds even more fame to Luoyang's peony.