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Manting Garden

../images/tuku/Manting Garden
../images/tuku/Manting Garden
../images/tuku/Manting Garden

Manting Garden is located at Manting Road No. 35 of Jinghong city Xishuangbanna Prefecture. It was the garden for Dai Emperor and it has 1300 years™ history. This national AAAA grade scenic spot has the memorial statue of the pre-Premier Zhou Enlai, ethnic culture plaza, peacock garden, crystal lake, Buddhist cultural district, tree planting area, Dai tea park and folk performance.

It is one of the important carriers in the Dais' historical culture; celebration activities must be held here during the Water-splashing Festival, Door-closing Festival and Door-opening Festival and other major feasts in the Dais' history.

Many scenic natural views that worth mentioning here are: the village style park, the meandering rivers, the rolling hills, the commemorate statues, the peacock garden, the Buddhist culture centers and many other spots. Manting Garden is the fusion of the beauty of nature, culture and architecture in all aspects, it is worth our visit to discharge our soul from the hectic city life.