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Master of Nets Garden

../images/tuku/Master of Nets Garden
../images/tuku/Master of Nets Garden
../images/tuku/Master of Nets Garden

Located in the south-eastern part of downtown Suzhou, the Master of the Nets Garden is regarded as truly representative of both the artistic style and cultural heritage of Suzhou’s classic gardens. The garden was first built in the Song Dynasty and has seen several renovations. It was given its current name “Master of Nets Garden”, during the Qing Dynasty. The garden is home to many artistic masterpieces such as poems, paintings, and carvings.

The garden is divided into three sections: a residential section, the central main garden and an inner garden. The main garden has a large pond that is surrounded by pathways and a variety of buildings such as the Ribbon Washing Pavilion, and the pavilion for the advent of the Moon and Wind. There are many buildings in the vicinity so there is never a sense of over crowdedness, but always of spaciousness. The sign of a typical Suzhou gardens is a pond with a small pavilion in it. Here the pavilion is accessible by a bridge that is less than one foot wide.

As you explore the gardens, there are often views through windows of beautiful flowers or plants which have been specifically framed from a distance and drawing you to a single sight, a moment of peaceful natural beauty. As you walk through the buildings, it is easy to imagine the life that the original residents lived; a feudal society where these gardens were for their pleasure and the pleasure of their guests.  The various buildings are constructed so that you can always access the main garden from any room. The rooms themselves are quite impressive in design and ornamentation and are a good representation of the style of the Song Dynasty.

Despite its relatively compact nature, the Garden of the Master of the Nets continues to attract visitors from home and abroad due to its neatness, propriety and attractive scenic spots.