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Xijiang Miao Village

../images/tuku/Xijiang Miao Village
../images/tuku/Xijiang Miao Village
../images/tuku/Xijiang Miao Village
../images/tuku/Xijiang Miao Village
../images/tuku/Xijiang Miao Village
../images/tuku/Xijiang Miao Village

Xijiang Located 35 kilometers northeast of Leishan County, Xijiang is the largest Miao village in China. There are 1,000 households in the village. one will be fascinated by the locals' exotic dress, daily life and the unique architecture of their wooden houses. Xijiang Miao village is one such place that called a living fossil for the Miao people's history and traditional culture.

Xijiang is set on two large slopes covered by wooden houses and surrounded by overlapping mountains, with terraced fields rising along the slopes to the clouds and the Baishui (White Water) River flowing through and cutting the village into two. Miao hillside pile-dwellings stand tier upon tier along the two banks to the mountain. Thick bamboo groves are dotting before and behind the houses. Beautiful maple leaves cover the villages on the top and at the bottom of the mountain. The houses are so tightly packed along the slopes, they look like trees in a forest. Cobblestone paths wind through the village, connecting every house. In the morning, the houses higher up on the slopes are bathed in shades of brown and gold from the morning sun. As the sun rises, everything emerges bright and clear. The Baishui River that begins in the primitive forest area near the main peak of the Miaoling Ridge cuts the village in two. 

Xijiang Miao people are brave and hard-working, good at singing and dancing. The village is called "a sea of songs and dances", and the villagers sing songs to express their feelings and perform dances to celebrate their bumper harvests and to greet good luck. The village is also a center for grand festivals and celebrations of Miao people in the area. Famous festivals include the Lusheng Festival, the New Year, and the harvest celebration, during which the Miao people worship their ancestors and celebrate the autumn harvest. The celebrations are featured by songs and dances accompanied by the Lusheng, a Miao wind instrument.

Once you come to Xijiang, you will enjoy the Miao songs, dances, customs, rites, costumes and silver ornaments.