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Mt. Songshan

../images/tuku/Mt. Songshan
../images/tuku/Mt. Songshan
../images/tuku/Mt. Songshan
../images/tuku/Mt. Songshan
../images/tuku/Mt. Songshan
../images/tuku/Mt. Songshan

Mt. Songshan is located in the northwest of Dengfeng County and reputed as the Central Sacred Mountain among China's five sacred mountains. Mt. Songshan stretches more than 60 km across from east to west consists of two mountains - Taishi and Shaoshi.

It was long being an important venue for the ancient Chinese emperors, kings and ministers to hold grand ceremony of worship of heaven to pray and say thanks for peace and prosperity. Also, poets, men of letters came here to propagate doctrines of the ancient sages; princes, dukes, ministers came here to deliver a sermon; Chinese and foreign tourists have been coming to admire the wonderful views.

Since the reform and open policy, the Songshan scenery spot has greatly been improved. Eight scenery spots have formed here, including the Shaolin Temple, the Songyang Academy, Taishi Mount, the Fawang Temple, the Zhongyue Temple, Luya waterfall, the star observation platform, and the Shaoshi Mount.

In recent years, there are many new tour activities, such as, mountaineering, Wushu, archaeological studies, religion tour, astronomy tour, geological tour, forest tour, and customs tour, forming a comprehensive tourist system and the Songshan scenery spot has become a good place for sightseeing, mountaineering, adventure, research and recreation.