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Old Town of Kashgar

../images/tuku/Old Town of Kashgar
../images/tuku/Old Town of Kashgar
../images/tuku/Old Town of Kashgar
../images/tuku/Old Town of Kashgar
../images/tuku/Old Town of Kashgar
../images/tuku/Old Town of Kashgar

Located in the southwest of Xinjiang, Old Town of Kashgar has a recorded history of 2100 years. The existing historical neighborhood was formed mainly during the 1600s, and many of the buildings are over 400 years old. The mazelike streets and lanes, and historical buildings, surround the town center at Atiguor Mosque.


Kashgar is also very meaningful to the history of Western explorers in the late Qing Dyasty and early Republican eras. Its significant cultural value was recognized by the Chinese government in 1986, when it was first pronounced as a national level historical city. So Kashgar Old Town should be preserved carefully in accordance with government regulations, Communist Party policy and Chinese law.


The older part of the city still maintains the medieval atmosphere that has made Kashgar a popular tourist attraction. Mud brick buildings and historical mosques line narrow streets that were designed for camels and donkeys rather than cars. Wandering these cobbled pathways, it must be easy to imagine that you have somehow crossed over into a tale from the Arabian Nights.


 Kashgar is surrounded by dust, sand and mountains. Yet despite its remote location, the city, a desert oasis along the Silk Road, has been drawing travelers for centuries. These days, visitors come to experience the historical architecture and ancient way of life still enjoyed by the city.