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Poyang Lake

../images/tuku/Poyang Lake
../images/tuku/Poyang Lake
../images/tuku/Poyang Lake
../images/tuku/Poyang Lake
../images/tuku/Poyang Lake
../images/tuku/Poyang Lake

Poyang Lake is located in the north of Jiangxi Province, south of the Yangtze River. Poyang Lake is the largest fresh-water lake and second largest lake in China. Having experienced many geological changes, it is now wide in the south and narrow in the north.

Poyang Lake is a resplendent pearl on the vast Chinese territory. For thousands of years, it has been nurturing the people in Jiangxi Province and attracting visitors with her charm. Looking out over the vastness of the lake, with its blue waves that stretch to the horizon, is much like standing on the shore and looking out over an ocean. On days when the sun shines and the sky is a clear blue, the sky and the water seem to meet on the horizon. Sailboats on the lake dart back and forth, appearing to joust with the billowing clouds. Rafts float along one after another like a big moving dragon.


Poyang Lake is rich in aquatic plants, which create a hospitable environment for many rare species of freshwater fish. In addition, many kinds of rare birds are attracted here, making it a popular destination for birdwatchers.

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