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Presidential Office Building

../images/tuku/Presidential Office Building
../images/tuku/Presidential Office Building
../images/tuku/Presidential Office Building
../images/tuku/Presidential Office Building
../images/tuku/Presidential Office Building
../images/tuku/Presidential Office Building

Presidential Office Building was used as the Taiwan Governor's General Office during Japanese colonial rule and completed in 1919. Since then, it has been the center of supreme power in Taiwan. This building is a monument in the interior department designated by the Taiwan authorities.


The Presidential Office Building is sited between Chongqing South Road and Bo'ai Road in downtown Taipei. Japanese architects often oriented virtual structures toward the rising sun at the head of long avenues, which explains the 130 meter-wide facade facing the Ketagalan Boulevard in the east. There are ten entrances but normally the often used doors are only the front entrance and the west gate. The Green Hall on the third floor is not only one of the important places for reception of the foreign guests, but also the stage to exchange the culture, economic and political ideas with foreign nations. The whole building was mainly two parts, six stories high. At the center of the building stands a 60-meter tower, which was the tallest structure in the Taibei Basin during Japanese rule.


The Presidential Office Building has suffered many destructions many times. It got destroyed by the bomb from the Allied Powers and was badly damaged. On 31 May 1945, the bomb hit the lobby and the fire burned for three days. It was until 1947, the building finally got restored. The construction took about 7 years from June 1912 to March 1919 at a cost of 2.8 million Japanese yen.


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