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Pujiu Temple

../images/tuku/Pujiu Temple
../images/tuku/Pujiu Temple
../images/tuku/Pujiu Temple
../images/tuku/Pujiu Temple
../images/tuku/Pujiu Temple
../images/tuku/Pujiu Temple

The Pujiu Temple is located in the ancient city of Puzhou, southwest of Yongji City, Shanxi Province. The Temple faces south according to the Emei plateau. The total area of the temple is about 70,000 square metres. The nearest city is Yongji.

The temple was built in the Tang dynasty and was originally named Yongqingyuan as a Buddhist temple. 

Cui Yingying fell in love with Zhang Sheng here, according to the classic work "Romance of the West Chamber". Many buildings on the site are associated with the story, including "West Xuan" and "Den house", places where Zhang Sheng had lived.

The Pujiu Temple was fully restored in 1986. The Temple's square brick tower, named Sheli Tower, also known as Yingying tower, offers visitors the chance to gaze at an amazing view, with it being at its fully beauty on a clear day.