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Pusa Ding

../images/tuku/Pusa Ding
../images/tuku/Pusa Ding
../images/tuku/Pusa Ding
../images/tuku/Pusa Ding
../images/tuku/Pusa Ding
../images/tuku/Pusa Ding

Pusa Ding sits on the top of Lingjiu Peak of Mount Wutai, in the northwest of Taihuai village. It has 430 rooms with 45 acres making it the largest Lama temple of Mount Wutai.

Pusa Ding is a simply magnificent place to visit. In front of the mountain, there are 108 stone steps alluding to the old genus Shanxi 108 counties. When walking down these steps, a stunning panoramic view of Taihuai County is on offer. The existing building of Pusa Ding was reconstructed in the Qing Dynasty. Its shape and practices, multi-standard reference palace style.

The temple has had a number of fairly illustrious visitors in its time, with emperors of various dynasties paying their compliments with a variety of steles and boards inscribed with characters that can still be seen today. Languages on these boards include Tibetan, Mongolian, Manchurian and Mandarin.

Every 4th to 15th of June, all the temples open to greet pilgrims and visitors. On June 14th, monks wear all kinds of facial masks as well as various costumes. On the 15th, monks dance in Luo Hou Temple and walk around the street.