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Qingdao Safari Park

../images/tuku/Qingdao Safari Park
../images/tuku/Qingdao Safari Park
../images/tuku/Qingdao Safari Park
../images/tuku/Qingdao Safari Park
../images/tuku/Qingdao Safari Park
../images/tuku/Qingdao Safari Park

Built in the economic district of Qingdao and covering an area of 122 hectares, Qingdao Safari Park is an open safari park in China. The park's quiet and peaceful environment coincides with its unique landscape.

The Safari Park is found in a relatively mountainous are, but lies not far from Qingdao's Economic and Technological Development Zone, as well as Park Street offices. Despite this, the area is incredibly scenic, with visitors able to explore for hours as they are refreshed with the cool breeze.

The park has over 263 species and 5,000 animals and birds including mammals and birds, including the endangered animals such as giant pandas, golden monkeys, ostriches, Manchurian tigers, flamingos and bears. 


The park is divided into different zones. In the herbivore zone, tame animals such as giraffes, elephants and various species of birds inhabit the area. The beast zone is where the ferocious tigers & lions and the charmingly naive bears are found. In the performing zone, visitors can continue their day of entertainment by viewing the Crocodile Pool, Monkey Hill, Snake House, Panda Hall, the Golden-monkey's enclosure, the viewing tower, dining in restaurants and watching the wonderful performances such as the Chinese and Russia Circus.