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Qingxiu Mountain Park

../images/tuku/Qingxiu Mountain Park
../images/tuku/Qingxiu Mountain Park
../images/tuku/Qingxiu Mountain Park
../images/tuku/Qingxiu Mountain Park
../images/tuku/Qingxiu Mountain Park
../images/tuku/Qingxiu Mountain Park

Nanning's mixture of natural beauty and ethnic flavor is great for travelers who want to get away from bustling cities, but still want their conveniences. Full of colorful sights and lush parks, Nanning is a park city that will dazzle any visitor.


Towering buildings and chaotic traffic are all too common in modern China, which makes a trip to Nanning all the more pleasant. Given that Nanning is capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the same region that's home to the legendary Guilin and Yangshuo, you can bet Nanning has some spectacular scenery. Set in a subtropical climate with palm trees lining the streets and parks, the city enjoys year round sun and with 40% of the city covered in green space, the locals boast with pride that their city is half-park and half-city.


Located within the Nanning Qingxiushan scenic area, the Qingxiu Mountain Park is the most famous attractions in Naning City and a national AAAA level scenic spot. Composed of Castle Peak ridge, Phoneix Valley and other 18 small peaks, the total area is about 4.07 square kilometers, of which the surface area is 14,667 square meters, green area is 25,000 square meters, and the main peak is 289 meters above sea level. It is regarded as "the giant lung of city Nanjing".


Qingxiu Mountain Park is so large that very few visitors have completely strolled around the park. It is also different from other parks since it is a perfect place to have variety outdoors like outdoor party, barbecue, painting, photography and so on, which makes it a broad platform for making friends.

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