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Qingyan Ancient Town

../images/tuku/Qingyan Ancient Town
../images/tuku/Qingyan Ancient Town
../images/tuku/Qingyan Ancient Town
../images/tuku/Qingyan Ancient Town
../images/tuku/Qingyan Ancient Town
../images/tuku/Qingyan Ancient Town

Located in the southern suburbs of Guiyang City, about 29 km away from the downtown, Qingyan Ancient Town is among the Four Great Old Towns in Guizhou, which attracts many tourists home and abroad for its tranquility, primitive simplicity and traditional feel.

The ancient town has a history of more than 600 years. It was originally established as a post station in 1378. Almost everything is made of stone-houses: walls, roads, archways, stoves and other utilities. Dwellings lining the stone-paved lanes are built with distinguished doors, decorated with Guizhou-flavour New Year paintings.

Qing Yan owns some famous local specialties as well. One of them is Rose Candy (also known as Mia Pian Candy in Chinese) made by the Ping family in Qing Yan town. History of the Candy can be traced back as early as 1874 and it is passed down through generations in the old town. 

Today the fragrant and sweet candy becomes a famous brand and is still liked by young and old. Another local product is Qing Yan Shuanghua Vinegar. The liquid of the vinegar is quite thick and is of the color of dark red. The vinegar tastes of slight sweetness in the mouth and the fragrance lasts long. Local Guiyang people like it very much.