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Shennong Stream

../images/tuku/Shennong Stream
../images/tuku/Shennong Stream
../images/tuku/Shennong Stream
../images/tuku/Shennong Stream
../images/tuku/Shennong Stream
../images/tuku/Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream, one section of Yangtze River between Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, takes its rise in the main hill of Shennongjia mountains which is crowned as the First Hill in East China. With its length of 60 km, Shennong Stream, just like a dragon meandering through the mountains and cliffs, and then joins the Yangtze River in Badong County, Hubei Province.

Shennong Stream consists of three sections with their own features, namely, Mianzhu Gorge, Parrot Gorge, Longchang Cave Gorge. The scenery of two riverbanks are amazing and magnificent, which are only seven meters wide in the narrowest part. Mianzhu Gorge, famous for its steepness, has steep cliffs with huge stalactites hanging in the sky and zigzagging narrow riverbeds with a high drop. The Parrot Gorge has the most beautiful scenery with evergreen plants and waterfalls dropping to the stones. There are various colorful flowers in one section which can be seen all through the year, hence its name Year Round Flowers Beachand a stream with nine springs, which has three colors, hence its name Three Color Spring. The last gorge is Longchang Cave Gorge, which is winding more than five thousand meters with width of less than 20 meters. Hanging Coffins and ancient Plank Roads can be seen along the two sides with your own eyes, which are in the cliffs over the river with height of 150 meters.

Shennong Stream has the absolute clear waters as well as Three Color Spring, which are transparent enough without any pollution and the fish and stones in the river can be seen with your own eyes.

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