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Shuzhuang Garden

../images/tuku/Shuzhuang Garden
../images/tuku/Shuzhuang Garden
../images/tuku/Shuzhuang Garden
../images/tuku/Shuzhuang Garden
../images/tuku/Shuzhuang Garden
../images/tuku/Shuzhuang Garden

The Shuzhuang Garden is located on the quaint island of Gulangyu, just a short ferry ride across the Lujiang Channel from Xiamen. The garden, which was once the private residence of a Taiwanese businessman, was originally constructed to recreate the feel of a garden residence found in Taiwan.

It is located southwest of Xiamen city. It is famous for its delicate natural beauty, its ancient relics and its varied architecture. The island is on China™s list of national scenic spots and also ranks at the top of the list of the most scenic areas in Fujian Province. In the Ming Dynasty, the island was called yuan shan zhou island. It got its present name from the huge reef surrounding it when tide comes in the waves pound the reef and it sounds like the beating of a drum. The island came be to be named Gu lang. Gu in Chinese means drum and lang waves. Among the scenic spots on the island, the most attractive are Sunlight Rock and Shuzhuang Garden. And this morning we only visit Shuzhuang Garden. 

he Shuzhuang Garden was built in 1931. It was once a private villa. It became a garden park open to the public in 1955. It is divided into two parts””the Garden of Hiding the Sea and the Garden of Making-up Hills).   Now, we are at the site of Shuzhuang Garden. If sunlight is a martial general, Shuzhuang Garden is just like a mild lady. Shuzhuang Graden is a unique seaside garden in the famous peaks in Xiamen. The park is very cleverly designed by taking advantage of the mountain and the sea. Enter the garden please. You can™t get the view of sea right away, right? Don™t worry. Let me turn around this wall, beautiful scene, isn™t it? In fact, this is sea-hiding technique as you know. A Swiss garden architecture expert, who had a visit to Shuzhuang Garden said that there is only lake-hiding in Switzerland but sea-hiding in Shuzhuang Garden is very fascinating.

The grounds are filled with snaking paths that cross koi ponds, wind through rock sculptures and possess hidden sculptures of all 12 zodiac animals (can you find them all?). The garden is also home to Gulangyu's famous Piano Museum, a look at pianos through history, and a private art museum.