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Sixi Village

../images/tuku/Sixi Village
../images/tuku/Sixi Village
../images/tuku/Sixi Village
../images/tuku/Sixi Village
../images/tuku/Sixi Village
../images/tuku/Sixi Village

Sixi, a village built during the Southern Song Dynasty by Yu family, was named because of the nearby clean stream. Located in the 19 away from Wuyuan County, Sixi Village, which was built in 1199, still has more than 30 Ming and Qing dynasties residence buildings. Among these buildings,Jing Xu Tang which is a large mansion covered about 664 square meters is the representative. 

The whole village is full of the building dated back to Ming and Qing Dynasty built on the road consisted of slate. With a river in front and a mountain at its back, this village is like a pearl embeded in the poetic and the picturesque scenery. The overall color effect is of black and white-if the rape flowers do not blossom in the spring. The homes of the businessmen in Qing Dynasty are the perfect reflections of the business culture with the exquisite workmanship of the three sculptures-on the bricks, on the stones and on the woods.

Sixi Village is mixed with the natural scenery harmoniously. On the entrance of the village, there are some ancient relics which add civilization atmosphere. Inside the village, ancient houses in brick carving, stone carving and wood carving decorations are rare in other place. 

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