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Snowy land of Changbaishan

../images/tuku/Snowy land of Changbaishan
../images/tuku/Snowy land of Changbaishan
../images/tuku/Snowy land of Changbaishan
../images/tuku/Snowy land of Changbaishan
../images/tuku/Snowy land of Changbaishan
../images/tuku/Snowy land of Changbaishan

Baishan, blackwater, Changbai Mountain is the geographical indication of the northeast in China, it is also one of the top ten famous mountains in China, but it seems to be in the memory of the distance, this is both a geographical and cultural. 

Snowy Land of Changbaishan 

It is off season in winter in Changbai Mountain, after the heavy snow, the thick snow is formed a wall on both sides of the road, the sky is clear and blue, driving on the heavy snow road, it is rising white mountain in the end of the road - Changbaishan Mountain.

The western slope of Changbai Mountain-Skiing you can experience on this slope, choosing the snowmobile to the peak of Mountain or cable car.

The western slope of Changbai Mountain-has rare vertical natural landscape zone in China and even the world, Tianchi is covered with snow in winter, the water has frozen, but underneath the ice was still have a steady stream of water flowing down the mountain. Tianchi water never stopped throughout the year, and the water level has never been lower. Until now, It is still a mystery where is the source of Changbai Mountain Tianchi, and it is more unpredictable that the power from the under the Tianchi. The Tianchi water run into canyon from u-shaped valley of he western slope, and it is the changbai mountain hot spring under the Tianchi. Hot spring water temperature up to 80 degrees, you can clearly see the water mist in the ice and snow. Tianchi water and hot spring is not the same source, but gathers in one place. You may not see this peculiar phenomenon in other parts of the world. Although Hakone (Japan) great valley is also geothermal, but it is on the top of the bare rocky, however, Changbaishan Hot spring have waterfall in the distance and near the beautiful YueHuaLin, also the river flows through here, it is a very attractive place.