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South Putuo Temple

../images/tuku/South Putuo Temple
../images/tuku/South Putuo Temple
../images/tuku/South Putuo Temple
../images/tuku/South Putuo Temple
../images/tuku/South Putuo Temple
../images/tuku/South Putuo Temple

Back in Xiamen, the South Putuo Temple or Nanputuo Temple is a major destination for Buddhists. Situated at the foot of the Five Old Men Peak and next to Xiamen University, this peaceful temple is over 1,000 years old and is Xiamen's oldest sight. Since it is south of the Buddhist holy site Mount Putuo in Zhejiang Province, it got the name-South Putuo Temple. Look for the character, which means Buddha in Chinese, carved into a rock, at 4.6 m it's hard to miss.The temple is a famous Buddhist temple founded in the Tang Dynasty in the Chinese city of Xiamen. 

In the axis of the main building located the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Mahavira Hall, Lotto Temple, the Great Mercy Temple and The Tripitaka Sutra Pavilion; among which, the Hall of Heavenly Kings is located in the front of the central axis with a smiley-face Maitreya Buddha enshrined in the center and the Four Heavenly Kings glare around from both sides.

South Putuo Temple has seven white Buddha stupas and two 11 storey Mansudae towers. A lotus pond sitting behind the tower and when the summer comes, the blue sky, the white tower, the green leaves and the full boom lotus makes it a quiet and pure land of Buddhism.

Another attractive place in South Putuo Temple is Buddhist cuisine. Its simple and pure but elegant flavor is well-known at home and abroad. Each dish has a quite classic name, among which the most representative one is "Banyuechenjiang".

In addition, South Putuo Temple also includes Bell Drum Tower, the Shining Tower, Wanshou Pagoda and the Buddhist College. Founded in 1925, the Buddhist College is the earliest institution in China.