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Taihu Lake

../images/tuku/Taihu Lake
../images/tuku/Taihu Lake
../images/tuku/Taihu Lake
../images/tuku/Taihu Lake
../images/tuku/Taihu Lake
../images/tuku/Taihu Lake

Taihu Lake is one of the first batches of 12 State-level tourism & resort districts approved by State Department, as well as one of the first batches of the demonstration district of tourism industry of WTO level. Some 90 islets, large or small, plus the presence of many fleets of fishing junk boats add to its landscape, making it a remarkable spectacle. The lake has to its credit a thriving fishing industry as well as its ornamental limestone rocks that is native to no other place. These are much favored as accessories used in decorating traditional Chinese gardens in China. Out of all the other islets, Turtle Head Islet is the place most worth visiting.

Taihu Lake is just like a bright pearl set in the Yangtze River delta. It crosses Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, where 48 islets of different sizes and 72 peaks and peninsulas along the lake combine to form a panorama of great natural beauty. The best place to view the beautiful Taihu Lake is on the Turtle Head Islet. Turtle Head Islet is an islet stretching into the lake, whose shape is really like the head of a turtle protruding from the water. Taihu Lake and the surrounding magnificence will bewitch your eyes when you climb onto Turtle Head. When the soft breezes blow, waves roll and the hills in the distance look like an overlapping landscape painting. The scene is really captivating. Turtle Head Islet Park is mainly made of the natural landscape, augmented by man-made additions. Flowers and trees can be seen everywhere. Various kinds of architecture are strategically placed among the trees and shrubs. All conspire to make the park graceful and elegant.

Along the Taihu Lake, Wuxi government built up a Taihu Lake National Tourism Resort. In this resort, there are 57 peaks, 41 streams, and 38 bays. About 46% of this area is covered by forests with about 460 kinds of plants and hundreds of animals. This natural park is the product place of Taihu Lake Three White silver fish, white fish and white shrimp. With about 17.5 km to Wuxi city, this resort is easily got by bus and private coach within about 1.5 hours from Wuxi.

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